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‘Among Us’ game bagged the Best Multiplayer Game award, throwing off Warzone, Valorant, Fall Guys, and Animal Crossing. The game also won Best Mobile game ahead of Genshin Impact, CoD Mobile, Legends of Runeterra, and Pokemon Cafe Mix.

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The decision to hand over the Best Multiplayer accolade to Among Us didn’t sit well with some parts of the gaming community. Some players argued that a game released in 2018 should not be considered for an award in 2020. Others however questioned whether its success was sustained for long enough to deserve the award.

Among Us Game

While The Last of Us Part II stole the show in this year’s The Game Awards with eight wins, it is the controversial Among Us Game awards that received attention.

xQc Slams Among Us Best Multiplayer win

xQc, a major player on Among Us had some things to say about the awards, and they were not too jolly. The star claimed Among Us was too laggy to play. He said Warzone or some VR games would have been much worthier recipients.

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“Out there, VR games and Warzone make elaborate, insane network infrastructures that are hard to maintain and keep up for the players. And they do it with meticulous detail. They pop off. One hundred player lobbies, always doing well, never lagging. ‘F**k these guys man.’ So unfair dude. It shouldn’t be this way,” the gamer lamented.

xQc Streaming A Game

Warzone has one of the largest player bases in gaming: since its initial release in March, its player base has increased from six million to 75 million people. It was nominated for two awards in this year’s event: Best Multiplayer and Best Ongoing, losing out on both, the latter though to No Man’s Sky.

xqc-0-4136783 cQc

xQc’s comment on the awards show is just one in his recent form of words. The star earlier came out to clarify that not all Twitch superstars supported each other. He in fact said what was observed by fans was way different from what went on behind closed doors.

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