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Cody Orlove is a popular content creator who began his social media journey on the YouNow live streaming platform. He became famous for his boyish good looks and the lifestyle content he shared on the web and on Instagram. Cody was more popular after he joined TikTok and began uploading karaoke videos.

Orlove’s big break came during his friendship with fellow founder Zoe LaVerne. The pair met after she sent him a message to congratulate him on his performance with TikTok. Cody and Zoe developed a tight relationship and grew together on the Internet. Zoe and Cody have their outlets, but they’re supposed to be a pair for most viewers.

This piece is going to do with Cody’s personal life. It’s going to look at his friendship with Zoe and the effect of his job on his mental health.

He had been married to Zoe LaVerne for 24 hours.

Cody and Zoe were surprised by the world at the beginning of 2020 when they shared a video in which they got married. The video was titled ‘We Got Married!’ Cody & Zoe ‘s Official Wedding Video showed the pair as they waited for their wedding with their vows played in the background.

The wedding was a surprise to those who had watched the pair after they began dating back to 2017. There was, though, one big twist to the plot. Cody and Zoe had already been together for 14 hours. Cody said in his vows:

“I have always known and wished that this day will come. It’s been a long three years, and with that came laughter, passion, joy, and joy, and now it’s finally here, and I’m excited, and I still have butterflies in my stomach. But it was all worth it because I get to marry this stunning, lovely, brilliant, funny girl who’s mine, and she’s mine now for 24 hours.

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Cody went on to say that he’d love and cherish Zoe forever, but they’d only be together for 24 hours. Most of us were puzzled, but luckily, Cody shed more light on the subject in the video summary. He wrote the following:

“We wish it could be real, but we decided to check it out. We’re so early, and we certainly need more time. Only note, it’s probably going to happen one day.

Cody and Zoe had promised that they would finally get married, but some fans were suspicious. The couple’s friendship wasn’t as easy as they had hoped, and they split up for a bit before they got back together.

Cody and Zoe broke up for a bit after Zoe had lied.

As Zoe and Cody got together for the first time, they became one of the hottest social media celebrities. Their joint channel was hugely successful, and the fans had coined the term ‘Zody’ for the pair. It was also a disappointment when the pair stopped uploading videos on their website. They were uploading videos to their own sites, but nothing was happening on the main site.

It later found out that Zoe had cheated on Cody and caused the pair to break up. After a few months, though, the pair decided to share videos on their channel as friends. Cody said in a video entitled ‘Let’s talk about this’:

“What we mean by this is that if we’re working out as friends, and you know, there’s no such tension or hard feelings, umm, then we’re going to continue this, but if we’re having trouble filming together, or if, you know, we’re starting to argue in any way, then it’s not going to work out clearly, and the channel would just turn into something else … I’m not sure how Zody’s going to turn out after she cheated …”

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The pair went ahead with their plans to post as friends, and they got closer to the stage where they got back together. Cody and Zoe are now going high, and they’re planning to get married in the future. On March 7th, 2020 Cody shared a photo of the pair on Instagram and added the caption, “Never let you go. Not again —

People thought he was gone after taking a break from social media.

Cody was confirmed missing two days after his 18th birthday and the publication of his EP My Truth in August 2019. Cody’s ex-girlfriend Zoe shared the news on Instagram, and Cody ‘s sister reported her disappearance in her own post. In her Instagram Posts, Cody’s sister wrote:

“Yeah , I know Cody’s gone, and she hasn’t come back. He’s 18 years old, he should leave now. Luckily, he’s really going through something, and he’s coming back. I don’t know that many, because we weren’t on social media, so Zoe had a meltdown, and now it’s all over the internet. We’re hunting for him, not as often as we can do.

Cody ‘s sister was right – Cody was going through something, and he decided to do it on his own. In an Instagram post, he announced that he was all right, and everything he wanted was a break from anything and everything. Cody said he’s been bored of working and posting material for two years now, and that’s why he’s gone. He also said:

“There are other explanations why I left, but too confidential for me to post on social media … I took a break, was supposed to be without a phone for five days, no friends, no family, only alone, and I got a chance to like a child … when I re-downloaded all the software, I saw how everyone knew it, and I was responding to it. So, I finished my own break to let everyone know that I was all right.

Cody even apologised to the people he may have upset when he took off.

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