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You may not have heard of Abby Rao, but odds are you’ll soon see a lot more of her name. Twenty-two-year – old has ties to some of the major social media personalities including TikTok star Daisy Keech and YouTube rapper RiceGum. And now that she has joined TikTok ‘s newest content house, this under-the-radar influencer is bound to make a big name for herself. Here’s what you need to hear about the emerging star Abby Rao.

She is the co-founder of the clubhouse

The Clubhouse is a modern group developer co-founded by Abby and former Hype House associate Daisy Keech. After all the Hype House drama, Daisy left the band and invited Abby to join the album. With over a million fans on TikTok and almost two million on IG, it’s no surprise that Abby was Daisy’s top pick for The Clubhouse!

She and Daisy Keech are the BFF’s

You will almost still see Daisy and Abby on social media together. When the two of them revealed the Clubhouse this April, Abby sighed about their relationship, saying in part, “The love I have for this girl is beyond me. Bestfriend doesn’t explain what we’ve got!! She used to date RiceGum to YouTube

Abby dated Bryan Quang Le — aka RiceGum — over most of 2019, but the couple separated in November of the same year.
In a post-breakup interview with Hollywood Life, Abby said, “I still love him, but I think we just wanted different things, and I think we care about different things.”

RiceGum said on their breakup in the latest Twitch Stream, “The main thing is, like, she just didn’t support me …” When Abby learned about the remarks, she made a reaction video that revealed how upset her acts were.

In the interview, she went through the latest specifics of their relationship, saying, “I’ve never said anything that happened to me or any of the tricky ways he treated me and beat me mentally and made me feel like he’s always made me.” Daisy also made a video supporting Abby, saying in part, “[Abby] is the most supportive friend I’ve ever had my whole life, and I know she’s been like that with Bryan as well.”

In a YouTube Q&A with the rest of the Clubhouse women posted this month, Abby said she was single.

Her IMDb profile claims she’s been in movies like The Jack of Spades and Enemies Among Us.
Her most recent inclusion on the page is a film called Kung Fu Yoga, released in 2017. Before she came to LA, she led a much simpler life.

According to Famous Birthdays, Abby is from Louisiana, and her childhood was a lot different from what you see online.
In her interview with RiceGum, she told Hollywood Life that she used to work at Texas Roadhouse and paying for school out of her purse. She’s a beauty expert

Abby ‘s skin still looks perfect, so it’s no wonder that her Popular Birthdays page claims she used to be a cosmetologist.
She has a bunch of tattoos

Abby has a variety of tattoos, including scripts on her forearm and ribs.
When she was dating RiceGum, the word “RICE” was tattooed inside her bottom lip. This information was downloaded from YouTube. You may be able to access the same material in another medium, or you may be able to find more information on their website. She may be launching a YouTube channel

In her interview with Hollywood Life, she suggested that she could launch a YouTube channel of her own.
At the 11:02 point, she ‘s talking about maybe saying she’d never contemplated it before, but she’d heard too much from RiceGum. “I was never was like, ‘Hey, when I grow up, I want to do YouTube.’ So I think that’s sort of why I waited ‘cause I was kind of like, ‘Well, you know, that’s not really my thing,’ but really, in reality, it’s anyone’s thing.” The interview was posted back in November 2019, but it doesn’t seem like Abby’s now pretending to be a YouTube celebrity.

She’s in videos for the Clubhouse and on Daisy’s channel, but Abby is the only house member without a channel of her own. She may want to focus on the ASAP, so we need more of her makeup videos.

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