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George Janko is an American YouTuber and ex-Vine star now hosting the worldest #1 podcast: Logan Paul’s impaulsive. He’s well known for his viral videos on Vine and Tik Tok along with his YouTube videos. In addition, his other video, Meet My Insane Family, was also viral in social media.

He is now 26 years old and is the birth predictor of Capricorn. George Janko was born on 3rd of January 1993 at Chicago IL. Its nationality is American and its Syrian ethnicity. He finished high school at the Arts and Sciences Conservatory. Then while studying at college he began to make YouTube videos that took him to the forefront.

George began his work career with a comedy and vine channel in 2014. His debut album, called ‘Without Glory’ was released there and was famous on YouTube. Following this, he got recognition as a YouTube artist and soon went viral on YouTube to release another video called Meet My Crazy Family.

George began his own YouTube channel with the name “George Janko” after gaining exposure. He started to post comedy videos, challenges and sketchy content on his channel that helped him reach over a million people within a short time. His work with famous Viner, Logan Paul and Jake Paul has gained tremendous popularity.

Furthermore, Lyin Ryan was a short comedy film directed by Anthony Villobos and Logan Paul. He also released a few tracks, such as Feel So Alive, Where’s the Love with Conor Maynard.

As a YouTuber George might have significant income as an actor and even songwriter. His net worth is valued at around $600 thousand with subscribers over 1,19 million on his Youtube channel.

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He appears to be a tight-lipped person as things come up in his personal life. His friendship with his fans has never opened up.

However, he had been a former Canadian model and cheerleader, Shelly Scholten, in the past. They also posted a few YouTube videos. And they were divorced after dating each other for a few years.

George seems to be concentrating now more on his career on YouTube than on dating.

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