Erika Costell Drops New Song Titled: No Roof – Teen Blurb

Erika Costell is a model and singer who’s been represented by various agencies. She is best known for her pop music and stunning photo shoots. Costell became a member of the influencer collaborative group Team 10 but left at the end of 2018 and further pursue her music and modeling career.

On September 29th, Costell tweeted out that she would be annoucing “No Roof” on October 2nd:

Erika’s fans are extremely excited to stream her new song as she continues to hype it up across her social platforms. Today she posted on Instagram with the caption: “things are about to get spicyyy…FIRST SONG OF 2020 COMING FRIDAY🌶”

At this point it is unclear if Costell plans to drop a music video along with her new song. In the past she has dropped multiple other songs including “Don’t Worry” which amassed millions of streams and views amongst the music video.

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