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Each week, our team hand-picks one emerging influencer as our New Influencer of the Week. We set out to find the world’s most innovative and underrated social media stars.

Influencer Of The Week: SpenceWuah

This week we wanted to recognize SpenceWuah: an 18-year-old influencer best known for his hilarious Tik Tok’s. Spencer has amassed over 4.2 million on the popular video-sharing platform. His most popular videos are related to his stressful job at Starbucks. Every day after work he sits in his car and has a “daily work scream” where he records a rant on all his issues related to work. These videos have gained tons of traction and millions upon millions of likes due to his funny but serious personality.

SpenceWuah is absolutely crushing the Tik Tok entertainment scene with content like no other.


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