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Elon Reeve Musk is a corporate magnate, industrial designer, engineer and philanthropist. He is the founding, chief executive and chief designer of SpaceX; early acquisition, chief executive officer and product architect of Tesla, Inc.; founder of the Dull Company; co-founder of Neuralink.

Here are 10 inspiring quotes from Elon Musk:

1. “When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.” Elon Musk

2. “I could either watch it happen or be part of it.” Elon Musk

3. “I think life on Earth must be about more than just solving problems. It’s got to be something inspiring, even if it is vicarious.” Elon Musk

4. “Persistence is very important. you should not give up unless you are forced to give up.” Elon Musk

5. “Failure is an option here. If things are not failing, you are not innovating enough.” Elon Musk

6. “Don’t be afraid of new arenas.” Elon Musk

7. “I take the position that I’m always to some degree wrong, and the aspiration is to be less wrong.” Elon Musk

8. “Some people don’t like change but you need to embrace change if the alternative is disaster.” Elon Musk

9. “If you get up in the morning and think the future is going to be better, it is a bright day. Otherwise, it’s not.” Elon Musk

10.  “The first step is to establish that something is possible; the probability will occur.” Elon Musk

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