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Bryce Hall has done it again! The TikTok star has found himself in yet another viral video involving him in a restaurant fight.

Just two weeks after going viral for the street fight altercation in West Hollywood, the star found himself in another fight. Unfortunately for him, the video got leaked before he could reveal it himself, which he did for the first fight because he didn’t want the media outlets “misrepresenting” the situation. Now footage showing Hall’s involvement in a dispute at a Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles has surfaced, and the reasons behind the debacle are rather strange.

TMZ Report

In a report from TMZ, Bryce and his friends were hanging out on the Mexican restaurant’s outdoor patio, playing mini-golf, until they were asked by one of the staff to stop their vaping. It’s quite a fact that vaping at restaurants in L.A. is illegal, but according to eye reports at the scene, it was said Bryce and Co. blatantly refused the warning from the worker, with Bryce allegedly puffing smoke in the staff’s face.

All hell was said to have broken loose when the staff had asked the group to leave and collected Bryce’s credit card to run it inside after dropping their check. Sources claim that Bryce and his friends jumped the employee, with Bryce supposedly throwing the first punch before other workers came and broke it off.

Of course, the internet celebrity had his version of the story, claiming to have been cordial with the manager when asked to leave. The manager grabbed and dragged him away before kicking him “in the nuts,” which sparked the giant brawl.

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Police Report

One of the employees claims to have suffered from a potentially broken hand and bruising on the face(which Hall claimed he had placed the guy in a headlock while trying to defend his friend) and named Bryce as his attacker in a police report that followed afterward.

With two conflicting stories and Bryce’s culpable track record working against him, if the restaurant’s staff decides to press any charges, it’s very likely the truth will come out one way or another.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Old Is Bryce Hall?

Bryce Hall was born on August 14th, 1999, in Maryland, making him 20 years old.

How did Bryce Hall Become famous?

Bryce Hall started to gain popularity on various social media accounts in 2014. He became quite prominent on the photo-sharing site Instagram where he would post photos of himself, sometimes with friends. He then started using the TikTok app to share lip-synced songs, which became very popular. 

Is Bryce Hall In The Hype House?

Bryce Hall is a member of the Sway House, and Thomas Petrou is one of the founders of Hype House. Both are made up of top influencers on TikTok; they create content for several social platforms. Bryce responded again, this time taking to Twitter to clap back. 

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