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Shamed TikTok Star Tony Lopez has made the social media headlines for yet another wrong reason. This time, a video is circulating on TikTok show some inappropriate messages between Lopez and a thirteen-year-old girl.


In the latest allegations, which takes the form of a screen recording entitled “TONY LOPEZ MUST BE STOPPED,” the video shows a concerning exchange between Lopez and a minor with Lopez asking the victim about her age and gender and going on to comment on a picture she sent. Calling her “attractive” and encouraging her to send suggestive “pics” in exchange for a following on his Instagram. The video also claims to show Lopez asking the girl if she was recording their conversation, saying that his “rep will be done” if people found out he was talking to her.

The video has gotten over 243K views and 49K likes on the day it was uploaded and included hashtags like #tonylopezlikeskids and #tonylopezcancelled. Though many call for the authenticity of the messages and screen recording, it has not stopped its spread on the video-sharing app.

Twitter reporter DefNoodles even points out the differences in the DMs than how they appear on Instagram. Still, some back the validity of these accusations despite rising doubts, as one Twitter user penned that Lopez “has been known to have other alleged accounts.”

This is not the only time the TikTok star has accused of sending such inappropriate messages. Since July, many young people have spoken out on how Tony allegedly groomed them and sent them inappropriate messages, notwithstanding their immaturity.

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The first accusation came from TikTok user Griffin Brooks, with another screen recording of Lopez sending explicit messages to a fifteen-year-old girl on Snapchat. Coincidentally, a Twitter user who posted the TikTok in reply to one of Lopez’s Tweet had accused the star of hiding the tweet “because he knows he’s guilty.” The allegations led to two more victims, ages fifteen and sixteen, coming forward with their accusations against Lopez in August.

Lopez later uploaded an apology but was immediately slammed for being too ‘vague’ about it.

In September, another TikTok user surfaced with more accusations on some explicit exchanges between her and Lopez, with the screen recording implicating Lopez in some inappropriate words he said. Words like “come here you’re so fine.”

During the time of reporting, Lopez is yet to comment on the latest allegations. And more pressure is mounting on the star to face justice for these accusations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Tony Lopez?

Tony Lopez is an American social media star that first rose to fame through the video-sharing platform TikTok. Tony is known for his dancing videos on TikTok and has become one of its most-followed users. Fans also follow his YouTube channel that he shares with his brother, titled “The Lopez Brothers.” 

How Did Tony Lopez Become Famous?

Tony first rose to fame on the video-sharing platform TikTok. Since joining the forum, he has become one of the most successful users on TikTok. Both Tony and his brother are famous on TikTok, though his brother has more followers than he does. Both brothers show up in each other’s videos often. 

What is Tony Lopez’s Net Worth?

Tony Lopez is an American dancer and internet personality who has a net worth of $2 million. 

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