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Meet Angry Reactions: The TikTok Star Who Amassed 7 million Followers in 3 months and is now at 10 Million.

Ever seen those TikTok videos of a black man screaming positive affirmations before? Then you’ve probably met Oneya Johnson or @angryreactions.

The 22-year-old Lafayette resident has been making waves through his TikTok account after gaining more than a million followers in a matter of 24 hours. The account, which was created in late August, sees the influencer “reacting angrily” to other people’s content, which serves as a running joke on the platform.

In his first video, which caused his unexpected popularity, Johnson films himself angrily, shouting positive remarks to fellow TikTok user’s cake-making video, @bobbysrey – words like, “Who’s being mean to you?” or “That cake looks good!!!”. The video was watched over 42 million times.

1.3 Million Followers In One Day

When asked about his sudden fame, Johnson told BuzzFeed News over the phone that he still could not believe how fast the account would blow up, exclaiming how “insane” it was to have gained 1.3 million followers in one day.

Since then, Oneya has made other “angry reactions” videos, even one of him aggressively thanking his fans for his overnight fame. “With all the bad things going on in the world right now, I think it’s teaching all of us to appreciate positivity much more,” he said about his popularity.

Despite the hilarious and strangely satisfying nature of his videos, they are not entirely done for fun, as he uses the videos to try and make the world see the other side of him – the positive side.

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Though an internet celebrity now, Johnson is currently dealing with issues in his life. He stated that he is currently homeless and has been living out of his car after the landlord evicted him a few months ago. Most of his TikTok videos have been made in his car or the homes of other people.

According to Johnson, there were occasions the police were called by neighbors on account of the loud shouting matches heard. However, no charges were filed against him, and he and now-ex Jillian are currently on good terms.

When asked, Jillian told BuzzFeed News that the neighbors could only hear Oneya’s “big” voice more than hers. She also stated that she and Johnson had grown after their break and have come to ” a common ground.” Jillian has recently moved to Lafayette, and the two are working their relationship out and the care of their two children.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Angry Reactions?

The person behind angryreactions, a collection of positively angry duets, is 22-year-old Oneya Johnson, who has another TikTok page called faceonlyamothercouldlove, where he posts funny reactions to comments and cute videos of his kids (he has a toddler daughter and infant son).

Where Does He Live?

According to his Facebook page, he currently lives in Chicago, and he’s originally from Jackson, Mississippi. Angryreactions was created August 23 and it’s already a viral sensation.

Who Is The Mother Of His Children?

It’s unclear if they’re still together (both of their Facebook pages say they’re single), but the mother of his children is a woman named Jill Thurmond. Facebook says she’s self-employed and is a boxer at Boxer Depot, which is super badass. 

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What Is Angry Reaction’s Net worth?

He has had some financial challenges in his life as he hasn’t been on the rich side of life. Nothing is known about his net worth.

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