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YouTube star and makeup cosmetic entrepreneur Jeffree Star’s personal life once again has become a hot subject on social media. Star accused his ex-boyfriend and basketball player Andre Marhold of allegedly “stealing” his things via his new social media posts.

Not to sound heartless but is he really trying to gain sympathy also I hardly doubt his boyfriend would actually rob him. Specially given dude makes money from his career.

— janken (@jankenxx) October 1, 2020

Since breaking up with long-term boyfriend Nathan Schwandt in January, Star began dating Marhold in August of 2020. The pair did not shy away from revealing the specifics of their relatively new friendship with their respective social media outlets.

Their partnership was also questioned after a few remembered that Marhold had already been married and his supposed wife allegedly had said that her husband’s new partner had “destroyed the entire family.” Star hit back, though, saying, “The guy I’m hanging out with has never been married. He isn’t gay. I didn’t take anyone’s f**king husband “

However, the rumors surrounding the two quickly surfaced on the Internet after Star posted a message under one of Marhold’s Instagram stories, writing, “Hey! Since you can’t answer the phone right now, can you give me all the stuff you stole from my house? What kind of lowlife f**king jackass does that? Give it back! If you need a return label, just ask!”

Star was swift to discuss the reported allegations against her ex-boyfriend from his Instagram stories on September 30th. Star says, “I just jumped on Twitter and there’s a lot of ‘Jeffree Star got robbed’ this and that.” He continues, “Jeffree Star got a little played on Twitter and it’s a lot of ‘Jeffree Star got robbed’ that and that.” I’ve been hanging out with someone else. Only two people are hanging out and enjoying s*x. But I was confronted with a very different person from who this guy actually was. “In the video, he also shows that about a week ago he heard some surprising information about” this person “and unexpectedly some of his baggage went” missing “to make it obvious that he wasn’t robbed, just” just took a few items.

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After the video went viral and viewers began to sense a serious scandal surrounding Star’s life, he took to Twitter to reveal that he was giving away. Star tweeted:

Serious question, who needs their bills paid tonight? ✅ Drop me your @CashApp username and use #JeffreeStarByeBills – Time to help as many as I can tonight, thank you for all the support 💖

— Jeffree Star (@JeffreeStar) October 1, 2020

The hashtah #JefreeStarByeBills gradually began circulating on Twitter as more and more people reached out to Star for help. However, others wondered if this change was supposed to cover up the scandal.

Adding to the tweet above, one wrote, “It’s soooo clear! Trying to clean up his searches. It wasn’t running!

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