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Another potential reunion between on-off TikTok couple Josh Richards and Nessa Barrett have begun to surface as the former shared a series of snaps showing the two stars in each other’s arms ahead of a Halloween event.

The couple has had their fair share of awkward circumstances, with rumours of their breakup centred around cheating speculations. That one time it was rumoured that Barrett had kissed Hype House’s Chase Hudson soon after his split with TikTok star Charli D’Amelio.


Despite all these, Barrett seems to be making an effort to make amends with Richards, calling out her kiss with Hudson as a “terrible mistake” in an interview earlier in the month. And since then, the two have decided to let bygones be bygones, with Richards sharing a few pretty romantic snaps of the two all dressed for Halloween and even hinting that it was Barrett who did his make-up. 

The snap has received a ton of positive feedback from fans excited at the return of “Jessa,” with one comment that received over 80,000 likes jokingly asking: “So are y’all getting back together or what?”

And not just fans are loving the pictures. TikTok starlet Addison Rae commented that she “love[s]” the photo, while Sway House’s Nick Bean said, “Y’all confuse me but it’s ok.” A question everyone was thinking.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happened between Josh Richards and Nessa Barrett?

After months of speculation, Josh Richards and Nessa Barrett announced their relationship in October 2019. They met on TikTok (naturally) and posted a lot of adorable content together before calling it quits seven months later in June 2020. 

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What is Josh Richards net worth?

Josh Richards is a famous Canadian TikTok star who has been able to amass over 15 million fans on the platform. He has been able to diversify into YouTube and has been able to generate an estimated net worth of $400,000.

How did is Nessa Barrett get famous?

Nessa seemingly popped off on the app overnight. Like many of her fellow creators, the ticket to her success was her consistent and high-quality dance videos. Most of Nessa’s content involves her recreating the latest TikTok dance, as well as making videos with many of her friends. 

What is Nessa Barrett net worth?

Nessa’s net worth is estimated at $350 thousand. Income sources include but are not limited to endorsements and sponsorships.

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