Four Behind Bars After a Video Of 3-year-old Smoking Pot Goes Viral – Teen Blurb

After a video went viral of a young boy smoking pot, four people are behind bars in the social media.

An adult gave the infant the the drug allowing him to smoke marijuana.

After someone sent them the video uploaded to Snapchat, the Pike County Sheriff’s office, Mississippi Bureau and MDWFP began investigating.

The inquiry found that a three-year old child had more than once allowed Anna Waldron, William Albright and Kalie Green to smoke pot.

The mother of the boy Anna Waldron was convicted of helping to distribute drugs to children and of conspiracy.

It was William Albright who was charged with leading to the delinquency of a child, a scheme for selling marijuana and the sale of alcohol.

The charge was made to Kalie Green of “Contributing to the Delinquency of a Child.”

The possession of the controlled drug and distribution of paraphernalia was suspected of Samantha Dykes.

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