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Khloé Kardashian is officially an Ipsy brand partner. The ultra-popular beauty subscription service — which has been around for nearly a decade now — tapped reality star and Good American co-founder to help spread their mission of empowering people everywhere to embrace and express what makes them unique.

In a statement to Allure about the partnership, Khloé says, “I’ve always loved expressing myself through makeup and trying new products and looks,” “I shake things up, take risks, and just have fun with it. To me, beauty should be anything but boring [and] with IPSY, you get to try new beauty products every month that are picked just for you. I ‘m thrilled to partner with Ipsy in redefining how we all discover beauty.”

Hey, why Kardashian, huh? Chief Marketing Officer Jenna Habayeb of Ipsy says that it comes down to her theme of boundary-breaking makeup. “Khloé is an inspirational working mother and an entrepreneur who embodies self-expression in a very real and tangible way,” Habayeb says via email.

She is a true Chameleon character and has a daring approach to beauty that is playful, experimental, creative, [which] really brings the experience of Ipsy to life. Khloé has welcomed us all into her life, her family, and her relationships over the years, and now we are pleased to welcome her to the Ipsy network, and we can’t share all the fun that’s going on.

Speaking of fun, celebrating the collaboration, Ipsy got TikTok Star and Item Beauty co-founder Addison Rae on board for a face-to – face challenge using — wait for it — little hands. That’s right, guys: these beauties will struggle to see who can do their best while wearing small rubber hands.

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It’s all going down this Thursday, September 24, at 9 p.m. EST on Ipsy’s IGTV, where viewers can vote for either # TeamKoko or # TeamAddison to win a one-year membership in Ipsy’s Glam Pack, $500 worth of Decent American apparel and a variety of Item Beauty items. Not too shabby.

It’s fair to say you don’t want to miss this bound-to-be-hilarious beauty contest, both of you — not to mention the chance to win big. Check in on Thursday and see which star comes out on top. Before that, head to Instagram for more sneak peeks.

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