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Meet: Lisa Nguyen, a self-taught food videographer based in the Midwest dedicated to working with family-owned businesses. Lisa quit her corporate job last year to pursue her passion in videography full-time. Nguyen started her business, Telehue Food, a few years ago to highlight restaurants that have unique stories and foods to share.

We wanted to dive deeper into Lisa and her story, here’s what she had to say:

Cox: Why did you want to become an influencer?

Nguyen: I honestly did not start out with the intention of being an influencer. I wanted to stay behind the scenes while giving a spotlight to the small businesses that I encountered. But I knew in order to grow my brand, I needed to get outside of my comfort zone and reveal more of myself to my followers. And I guess in return I have “influenced” my followers to get outside of their comfort zones to try new cuisines and restaurants.

Cox: Why is your content unique?

Nguyen: My content is unique because not often do you get to hear the stories behind some of these hole-in-the-wall places. You order your food, you eat it, and then you leave. But do you know where the food came from? Do you know why it is cooked the way it is? I get to share those answers straight from the restaurant owner or chef’s mouth. And I get to share it in a visually appealing manner.

Cox: What led to the success of your influencer career?

Nguyen: Providing value is the most important reason for my success as an influencer. If you are not providing value to at least one audience, you are in trouble. I am in the fortunate position that I can provide value to the restaurant by highlighting their story and food in a video. That in return will bring them new customers. I provide value to the viewers/followers because I am giving them minutes of escapism as well as giving them a potential restaurant to try in the future. Lastly, I am able to provide myself and my brand value because I am creating pieces of content for all my social media platforms. It is a win-win-win situation.

Cox: What are your goals for the future?

Nguyen: I want to continue what I am already doing, but also on a global scale. Hopefully I get the chance to visit different countries next year to experience new cultures and foods. I want to share those experiences with my followers.

Cox: What is your favorite part of being an influencer?

Nguyen: Most people think the best part of my job is all the food I get to eat, but honestly, it is the people I am fortunate enough to meet. Each time someone shares their story with me, I get to put away that piece of knowledge in my mental treasure chest. I hope to continue to fill that chest with more of other’s experiences along with my own.

Cox: What is your least part of being an influencer? 

Nguyen: My least favorite part about being an influencer is that sometimes there is a negative connotation towards the word “influencer”. In fact, it took me a long time to even call myself one. These are the times when you have to tune out what others think because you have to do you.

Want to check out more of Lisa? Make sure to check her out on Instagram and YouTube.

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