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It is in place to say that famous Tiktok creator and Social media Influencer, Bryce Hall has decided to live out 2020 in a fearless mode and he has chosen to dedicate most of it to his rivalry with Thomas Petrou.

In August 13, the twenty one year old star challenged Petrou to a boxing match. An act that has become a practice for influencers alike. It was unclear if they found a way to resolve their differences earlier but brows are up as Bryce Hall stated in the first episode of his newly launched podcast “Capital University” that Thomas Petrou and his gang have “stupid” money habits.

The Capital University podcast which he co-hosts alongside Anthony Pompliano, an investment mogul, is a platform where Wealth and Influence meet. Anthony stated that they would host established enterpreneurs on the show to teach Bryce (and their audience) on how to build generational wealth.

I can’t state if this is a great way to start his podcast but it could be said that he was genuinely making a reference on the Social media influencing business and using Petrou as a negative example seemed momentarily right.

Bryce Hall had a lot to say on the podcast episode as he went on to state that being famous on Social media isn’t equal to having a lot of money. Still on the subject of his choice, he went on to give a detailed breakdown of how much he estimates Petrou might be earning from brand deals and YouTube. He stated that Petrou probably makes up to $10k per month from TikTok brand deals, no merch sales and up to $70k from Youtube which he believes sums up to $100k or $150k max. He has been in the industry for a while so you can count on his assumptions to be close to the truth.

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The case is different for Bryce Hall as he bragged on being a different kind of social media influencer. He talked of how he launched his own energy drink company, Ani Energy, almost four months ago and he makes merch products for his “Party Animal” brand. He probably never seemed to be business-minded but we can tell that young Bryce Hall is out to build wealth enough to last his entire generation. He is aware that there is no steady income that comes from being an influencer on social media today and sustaining being at the top of the social media pyramid is as important as getting there.

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