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Dobrik acquired a huge mansion that cost up to $9.5 million somewhere in Los Angeles and it got everyone’s attention. It seems he hasn’t moved out of his old home but his new mansion is a lot bigger and better than his usual residence.

Known Reason 

The reason for his relocation delay is still unknown. It may be due to the worldwide coronavirus crisis. It may so be that he is waiting for the house to be built to perfection and it includes an aquarium.

Views Podcast

He recently appeared on an episode of the VIEWS podcast and he revealed his plans to purchase an aquarium but it was priced up at around half a million dollars. This price did not cover the massive monthly maintenance fees.

Aquarium Inspiration

His new house is already insane enough, but an aquarium would take it up a level higher. Early on at the start of the podcast, David stated that he got the inspiration of having an aquarium installed in his house after he visited a house that had an aquarium that captivated him. He had to feed his growing aquarium fantasy so he quickly placed a call and was given a price that he considered very insane. 

It seems he wanted a full floor-to-ceiling aquarium to himself and included purchasing plenty of exotic fishes which included octopus. David said the man he spoke to laughed at him before revealing the ludicrous $500,000 cost. He also stated an extra $4-5k monthly maintenance cost to clean up the tank.

David said before he placed the call he expected it would only cost around $85,000, which would most likely be an affordable price for him but was disappointed to find out that it was far beyond what he could afford. 

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He also said that the installation of the aquarium was going to be a huge cost as the fishes were cheap at a price of around $10,000,

It is sad to see him give up on that dream so quickly but we hope that we’ll see him with a slightly smaller, less expensive aquarium when he moves into his new house and starts making content there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is David Dobrik?

David Dobrik is a digital star and TV personality known for making viral content on YouTube. With over 70 million followers across his platforms, Dobrik has mastered the art of quick-cut content. Named “Gen Z’s Jimmy Fallon” by the Wall Street Journal, Dobrik exhibits his characteristic charm and is undeniably relatable.

What Is The Vlog Squad?

The Vlog Squad is known for its hilarious, high-intensity, and often chaotic videos. The group of 20 – something California – based vloggers continually changes as members come and go. Still, some notable core members are Founder David Dobrik, Mariah Amato, Nick Antonyan, Erin Gilfoy, Carly Incontro, and others.

What Is David Dobrik’s Net Worth?

The 23-year-old YouTuber who got his start from the now-defunct video sharing app “Vine” is now estimated to be worth $7 million. 

Who Runs Views Podcast?

David Dobrik And Jason Nash’s New ‘Views’ Podcast Climbs To #2 On iTunes Charts. One of YouTube’s buzziest daily vloggers, 20-year-old David Dobrik, has launched a podcast alongside frequent collaborator Jason Nash — a 43-year-old comedian and digital star in his own right.

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