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After a video started trending of Bryce Hall with his hand on Lana Rhoades, fans took to storm to Twitter and Instagram accusing Hall of cheating. Lana Rhoades is currently in a relationship with Logan Paul’s wingman Mike Majlak, best known as “Hey Big Mike.”

After Bryce Hall started receiving hate on twitter, he responded saying: “people are saying i got w lana ahhahaha wtf mike and lana are the literally homies and nothin more cmon. y’all need to get some hobbiesssss”

Later on, Rhoades cleared up the situation on Twitter by also commenting on the topic: “I ran into Bryce at a restaurant, he bought drinks for my whole table of girls & invited us out on some friend shit. Period. My girls & I had plans already so we went somewhere else. Idk how this is even a thing”

Although all seemed good, Majlak still seemed unhappy with Bryce getting to close to his longtime girlfriend. He cleared things up on twitter but recently deleted the tweet for unknown reasons. Tik Tok Room caught the tweet before it was deleted which showed Bryces texts between him and Majlak. Mike claims he gave Bryce a “courtesy text.” Bryce later apologized and mentioned he was extremely intoxicated.

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