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With no end in sight to the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown, it is no surprise that many Bollywood producers are opting for OTT releases. With dozens of movies and web shows being released every month, it can often be confusing for fans to decide what to watch. One website that can be very useful during these times is

The website has a dedicated movie release calendar that tracks all the upcoming releases so that fans have all the information about them in a single place. The calendar is feature rich and contains not only the accurate release dates of upcoming projects but also a plethora of details about them. For example, details about the cast of an upcoming movie or web series are provided along with the name of the director too. Furthermore, the calendar also mentions on which platform it will be released so that fans know exactly where to check it out.

MissFilmy covers all the big movie industries across the country including releases from southern industries such as Tollywood, Mollywood and Pollywood as well as Punjabi and Bengali movies. Besides the movie release calendar, the website also has a whole lot more to offer. It contains a special wallpaper section which contains exclusive galleries of all the popular Bollywood stars. The enormous assortment of wallpapers contains hundreds of carefully chosen wallpapers which fans will surely enjoy.

The website has a great user interface which is easy to understand, search through and navigate in general. Other sections include a reviews and ratings page and the homepage contains all the latest breaking Bollywood news. Fans can not only keep themselves updated with news regarding upcoming projects and their favourite celebrities but also hot gossips and trending rumours in Bollywood. The review and rating section is specially designed to help fans quickly read about a movie and determine whether its worth their time or not. Beside containing a write-up that sums up the movie plot (without spoilers), this website also displays the ratings that other news portals and critics have given to the movie or web shows.

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Thus, fans can always be assured that they are getting the best review that is totally unbiased and impartial. Given the wide range of features, can be a useful companion to the average movie goer as well as dedicated cinema buffs. has become a popular portal among cinephiles across the country and is perfectly designed for every movie lover interested in latest Bollywood news & celebrity gossips.

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