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Cole Chase Hudson, best known as Lil Huddy is a viral social media personality known for his short Tik Tok videos. Huddy once had a relationship with Charli D’Amelio, and as is one of The Hype Houses founders along with Thomas Petrou.

Here are 10 quotes from Lil Huddy:

1. “In love with the feeling of feeling” – Chase Hudson

2. “I love y’all to the moon and back.” – Chase Hudson

3. “One day i’ll travel the whole world. 

i’ll get to hug each and every one of you

one day.” – Chase Hudson

4. “I have been really focusing on physical and mental growth recently,

that’s why i haven’t been as active as i should be

just know that i love u and that you should love yourself too!” – Chase Hudson

5. “I wanna be famous enough that i can send gifs of myself as reactions to text messages.” – Chase Hudson

6. “I love u all. don’t know where i’d be without u guys.” – Chase Hudson

7. “Thank you guys all again for everything yesterday was such a blessing to me.” – Chase Hudson

8. “Am i the only one that just doesn’t have an appetite anymore, like i just eat because i’m bored…” – Chase Hudson

9. “Love in the eyes pain in the heart angry in the head.” – Chase Hudson 

10. “The room feels cold and it keeps getting colder..” – Chase Hudson

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