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Meet Bethany Simpson, a part-time student and a full-time content creator. Finishing up her degree in BFA musical theatre performance at Columbia College in Chicago, Bethany joined the app back in April as a quarantine hobby. However, due to her recent success on Tiktok, she now has plans to move to Los Angeles in a few months and pursue social media as a career.

So how does an account on Tiktok go from a fun hobby to a potential career path in six months? Bethany gave us the top 3 pieces of advice she would give small Tiktok creators that are looking to blow up:

I make it a priority to try and respond to or “like” every single comment I receive on a video, especially immediately after I post. Not only does it boost my engagement, it’s the least I can do as a content creator to show my fans that I see and appreciate everything they have to say.

It’s also beneficial to be the first comment on your own video, if you’re looking for a way to promote other socials/announcements that you couldn’t fit in the caption.

Look, going live can be terrifying. You’ll feel awkward, you may not have that many people tuning in, or you’re unsure of what to actually DO while streaming. But keep up with consistent streams and you will see a spike in views for your posts, guaranteed. It’s the only way to build a loyal fanbase, and allow people to see the full personality behind the content.

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This sounds like such a simple tip, but good lighting is more complicated than you think. If you’re looking to blow up on Tiktok, lamp lights are NOT going to cut it. I highly recommend investing in a ring light, or only filming during the day and using natural lighting that shines through windows.

The longer you’re on Tiktok, the stronger of a grasp you’ll get on the algorithm and its quirks. The videos that are featured on the “For You” page are on there for a reason! Always put out the type of content YOU would want to see.

Keep up with Bethany (@bethsimps) with her socials listed below:

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