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After arguing with them at a restaurant, Nick Bean admitted he no longer talks to other members of the Sway House, but he did not expand on the finer details.

For quite some time now, Nick Bean has been a member of Sway House. It is less than a year old, but one of the two most influential TikTok influencer supergroups has already evolved.

Some of the biggest names on the scene, including Bryce Hall, Griffin Johnson, and Noah Beck, are housed here. Nick Bean, who is the group’s artistic director, has worked with them all year round.

He recently came under fire, however, for doing the ‘fox eye’ in a video, a trend where individuals stretch their eyes to ‘imitate’ an Asian eye shape. It is generally recognized as a racial stereotyping and discrimination act.

Now, Nick Bean seems to have found himself at odds with the rest of the crew. He dropped a bombshell in a recent video and said he was not speaking to any of the other Sway House members.

Before getting lost in the specifics, however, he pointed out that he doesn’t have a Bryce Hall problem. For a very long time the two of them have been good friends. “I love Bryce. [He] is the only person [in the Sway House] I really, really care about,” he said.

He clarified the situation after he had that off his chest. “I got into a fight at Mel’s Diner. I dropped some rude words… I was being a little bit arrogant,” he said. “And [because of that] I don’t talk to anybody in Sway anymore.”

Interestingly, no formal announcement has been made about his departure. TikTok influencers, however, enter and leave supergroups all the time, so he could be traveling solo already.

Either way it looks like for the moment the time of Nick Bean at the Sway House has come to a bitter end, but it may not be permanent.

He appeared deeply remorseful about the situation, and while there has been a month-long rift, only time can tell if it is salvageable.

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