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Bryce Hall is an American social media celebrity best known for his TikToks and wild YouTube videos. As of November 2020, his TikTok account has 16 million followers, and his YouTube channel has 3 million. Hall is also a member of the popular tik tok collective, Sway House located in Los Angeles.

Here are 10 inspiring quotes from Bryce Hall:

“my old musicallys will forever haunt me in my career.” – Bryce Hall

“im gonna start coming at people’s heads in my comments hahaha.” – Bryce Hall

“confidence is everything.” – Bryce Hall

“do people still even know austin mcbroom?.” – Bryce Hall

“i just don’t care” – Bryce Hall

“smile kid” – Bryce Hall

“i thought a bitch that lost the baddest bitch said sum.” – Bryce Hall

“my biggest pet peeve is slow drivers.” – Bryce Hall

“stay happy loves” – Bryce Hall

“i don’t remember the last time i took an L.” – Bryce Hall

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