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YouTuber David Dobrik purchased a brand new house recently, and it’s a mind-blowing dwelling that may as well be a palace. On a new home in Los Angeles, the streamer just plunked down some serious cash, and it’s certainly going to make you envious, right down to the facilities that the house comes with packing. We have all the information you’re looking for, if you were curious about what his new home would be like.

The new home for David has all sorts of cool goodies, and it’s located in the Sherman Oaks neighborhood of Longridge Estates. For a great view, it’s situated right near the city and mountains, but the beauty begins before you even even reach the building. With a four-car garage, there’s a 50-foot driveway, as well as double gates to keep people out. Still the most impressive aspect is the inside. And while David can definitely be humble, he certainly has the resources to buy what he wants, whenever he wants.

David bought a home, but it really ought to be listed as a villa. It is 7,800 square feet and has six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a television room, a large dining room, an office, a wine cellar with 300 bottles, and an outdoor pool and spa that looks completely decadent. He probably will not continue to have problems with fans finding his house and then only walking by, which he’s dealt with in the past, because he’s changed where he lives now.

David has a video tour that you can take a peek at and see just what the inside of the house looks like in addition to having a huge living area with lots of rooms. Do not worry, though if you do not want to try it out right now. You will probably see the inside off and on as it will probably be moving forward in the material of David.

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From the decor inside and out to the soothing music in the video, all is picturesque. When you daydream about going to Los Angeles to live in private after you’ve made it it’s exactly the kind of home you think about. So if you’re finding yourself looking for excuses to get motivated to work hard, remember that once, David didn’t know if he had enough money to buy both peanut butter and bread. He’s made himself into an ordinary empire, and now he’s still giving away cars.

Only do one big favor to David, okay? It’s a huge one here. Please do not start visiting his house en masse and annoy him now that you have an idea of where he lives. Just because you’re a fan doesn’t mean that you have the right to do anything like that. Let the guy, in peace, do his thing and know that when he needs us to, we’ll see more.

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