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Drake is a Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, and entrepreneur behind the famous “OVO brand”. He is a well-known figure in rap music and has been credited for popularizing the Toronto sound worldwide.

Here are 100 inspiring quotes from Drake:

1. “my 15 minutes started an hour ago”

2. “October’s own but it’s looking like July 4th”

3. “you never see it coming, you just get to see it go”

4. “and he still got his foot out, guilt tripping”

5. “warm nights and cold patron”

6. “the game needed life, I put my heart in it”

7. “will I blow all of this money? Hammertime”

8. “I can teach you how to speak my language, Rosetta Stone”

9. “one thing about music is when it hits you feel no pain”

10. “tell me can we kick it like Ali, Shaheed, and Phife Dawg”

11. “bracelet sayin you should quit, car sayin f#$k your life”

12. “if you dolled up I got the voodoo for you b#%#hes

13. “I made enough for two ni99as, stunt double”

14. “as long as they got a little class like half days”

15.“they tell me time is money, well we’ll spend it together”

16. “I just knew that she was fine like a ticket on the dash”

17.“I could bring her through and shut it down…..Onyx”

18. “I feel like when she moves…….the time doesn’t”

19. “they just talking to they selves hands free”

20. “I got these new rappers nervous, prom night”

21. “this shit feel like when Fredro Starr was in Sunset Park stuntin hard in his yellow goose”

22. “I’m about my paper like a muthaf#$kin scratch and win”

23. “I will have a model wife, your b$%#h is as hot as ice”

24. “and Drake just stand for do right and kill everything”

25. “aloha to women with no tides to men that I know well that way there are no lies”

26. “I guess a hit doesn’t add up for to a career for you ni99as”

27. “you make friends with Mike but you gotta A.I. ‘em for your survival”

28. “shallow ni99a but deep enough to have gone swimming”

29. “they say that the doors will open up as soon as you find the missing keys”

30. “I’m in the sky trying to realign the stars”

31. “shout out to Asian girls, let the lights dim some”

32. “don’t Michael Jordan still got his hoop earring in”

33. “you wanna be a muthaf$5kin funny guy, don’t make me break your Kevin Hart boy”

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34. “my city love me like Mac Dre in the Bay”

35. “I had someone tell me that I fell off, ew I needed that”

36. “I guess it’s just me, myself, and all my millions”

37. “I’ll guess we’ll never see where Harvard gets us, but seeing my family have it all took the desire of having them diplomas on the wall”

38. “tell him I need reservations for twenty, I’ve never been one for the preservation of money”

39. “bridge over trouble water, ice in my muddy water”

40. “live a little, cause ni99as die a lot”

41. “the living truth, that you ain’t gotta die to get to heaven”

42. “take my crown to the grave, I’m a underground king”

43. “talkin all those good things is all that I’m really good for”

44. “never thoughts of suicide, I’m too alive, but I still treat it like it’s do or die”

45. “places they said they been, we actually going for real”

46. “lookin for the right woman to do the wrong things”

47. “I know that showing emotion don’t ever mean that I’m a pu88y”

48. “brought a white Ghost now sh^t is getting spooky”

49. “all drinks on the house like Snoopy”

50. “and you tell me that I’m just like my father, my one button and you push it”

51. “damn you house feel like the Hamptons, for all of my summer romances”

52. “your famous girlfriend a@# just keep getting thicker than a plot does”

53. “and you got a drop but you drive around with the top up”

54. “b$%@hes smiling at you, it must be happy hour”

55. “walkin thru security with your hat down, instead of getting a pat down, they just keep tellin you that they feel you ni99a”

56. “brand new girl, and she still showing, brand new titties, stitches still showing”

57. “the game need change and I’m the muthaf$%kin cashier”

58. “I’m the one to paint a vivid picture, no HD”

59. “even when the Phantom’s leased them hoes wanna get in”

60. “you can have my heart or we can share it like the last slice”

61. “buzz so big I could probably sell a blank disc”

62. “she call me the referee, my sh$t be so official, my shirt aint got no stripes but I can make your pu88y whistle”

63. “double cup love, you the one I lean on”

64. “I see all this money through my Ohio State Buck-eyes”

65. “women don’t get saved around me even on a Sunday”

66. “I don’t ever play but I’m in the game lady, they just lose to love, those are tennis games lady”

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67. “all my first dates are interrupted by the fame”

68. “no autotune, but you can feel the Pain”

69. “and I be getting high just to balance out the low’s”

70. “the honesty of my music has left me too exposed”

71. “black suburban with a tint on it, fresher than pillow with a mint on it”

72. “it’s funny when you coming in first, but you hope that you last, you just hope that you last”

73. “I’m the one twice over, I’m the new eleven”

74. “coolest kid out baby word to Chuck Inglish”

75. “wet glass on your table ni99a no coaster”

76. “life was so full now this sh$t has been lypo’d”

77. “got ni99as reacting without a Sinus”

78. “I ain’t on the fence about it, I ain’t Mr. Feeny”

79. “cause hearts break and I ain’t trying to be in that collision”

80. “I float high, don’t try to cut my water wings”

81. “charge it to the game, I bill myself”

82. “we’ll pull your card, just to find out that you’re a hallmark”

83. “and yea I f#$k this game but I won’t father them”

84. “chain snatch, they say get it off your chest”

85. “me and 40 back to work, but we still smell like a vacation”

86. “I just ask that when you see me you just speak up ni99a that’s all”

87. “shorty wanna tell me secrets about a rap ni99a, I tell that b$##h it’s more attractive when you hold it down”

88. “you like the f#$k’n finishline we can’t wait to run into you”

89. “only thing on right now like a night light”

90. “cautious of a flood so I always lay the right pipe”

91. “you would block me but this aint Jenga”

92. “I told her, even Photoshop couldn’t change me”

93. “no strings attached your love is so WiFi”

94. “and a chance is like a picture, it’ll be nice if you just take it”

95. “I talk slicker than a pimp from Augusta, who just had his linen suit dry cleaned what’s up with ya”

96. “and girls counting on me to be there like missing rubbers”

97. “you lookin bad, girl for goodness sakes, you with all those curves, and me without no brakes”

98. “young money the mafia that’s word to lil cease”

99. “these other ni99as getting bodied and carried away”

100. “Cause everybody dies but not everybody lives”

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