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Meet 20-year-old Mikaila Murphy, best known as @Mikailadancer across all of her social media. Over the past year, Mikaila has amassed over 7 million followers across all of her social media platforms. She grew up in Livonia Michigan and currently lives in Los Angeles California pursuing her dreams to become a full-time social media influencer.

We wanted to dive deeper into Mikaila and her rise to fame so we had the chance to sit down with her and ask her some questions:

Cox: What made you want to become a influencer?

Murphy: I wanted to become an influencer when I started seeing amazing dancers all over my Instagram feed. I wanted to be able to inspire young dancers just like these famous dancers were inspiring me. I’ve always loved creating content too, so it was always my dream to make a career off of that! 

Cox: When / Why did you start this?

Murphy: I started social media when I was 12, but I never had any success with it until last year in 2019. I started social media because it was super fun creating content. It’s a form of expressing myself! 

Cox: What’s your favorite part about being social media famous?

Murphy: My favorite part about being social media famous is knowing that I have the capability to impact and inspire the youth to not only be confident in themselves, but to pick the career they’re passionate about and love because ANYTHING is possible! Nothing makes me happier than DMs from young women (and men) letting me know that I have encouraged them to eat that meal, to wear that bathing suit, and to love themselves unconditionally. 

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Cox: What are your plans for the future?

Murphy: My plans for the future are to really start pushing out a ton of content. I’m currently working on transferring my platform to YouTube. My end goal is to have my other social media platforms as big as my Tiktok platform. I also want to be able to travel around the world and teach dance classes and choreograph! I’d love to make all my money on social media so that I can teach dance for free, growing up dance was so expensive, and I’d love for everyone to have the opportunity to do what they love and not have to think about how they’re going to afford it. 

Cox: What is your least favorite part about being an influencer?

Murphy: My least favorite part about being an influencer is definitely the hate. It gets really disgusting and out of hand. I’m very lucky to have a strong support system and a very strong head on my shoulders, but even then it still hurts to see sometimes. It can get mentally draining.

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