TikTok Stars Josh Richards and Griffin Johnson Become Royal Ravens Co-Owners – Teen Blurb

Josh Richards and Griffin Johnson, one of TikTok’s most prominent stars have become investors in ReKTGlobal, the root company of the Royal Ravens franchise and Rogue.

The news was revealed on the 1st of December as two of the biggest names on TikTok officially became co-owners of the London Royal Ravens and Rogue.

“Griffin and Josh have uniquely captured the attention of Generation Z and beyond, and their influence is undeniable. They are both incredible additions to the ReKTGlobal ownership team,” a statement by the CEO of ReKTGlobal read. The CEO also stated that the duo has strong business instincts which is a unique talent for developing viral content, and an in-depth understanding of how to connect with younger audiences and casual gamers.

Together, Josh and Griffin boast over 33 million followers on TikTok as well as huge numbers on most social media platforms. The CEO praised them, saying “They are natural-born hustlers and have leveraged their TikTok fame to step into acting and music, becoming entrepreneurs and investors in the process”. “We couldn’t be more excited to welcome them to the ReKTGlobal family while we continue to bridge the gap between the world of esports, entertainment, and pop culture,” the boss further added.

Griffin also shared similar thoughts as news of their investment made its way to the public, having roots as an avid gamer and Call of Duty fan.

Griffin still could not believe he owned part of the Royal Ravens as he still thought it was “surreal”. “I am thankful to Dave and Amish for allowing me into the ReKTGlobal family with open arms. Can’t wait to get to work and help bridge the gap between traditional social media and esports,” the superstar was found saying.

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