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Nancy Pelosi is an American politician currently serving as Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. Pelosi has served as a U.S. representative from California since 1987 and has made major decisions to benefit the United States.

Here are 10 powerful quotes from Nancy Pelosi:

1. “I think women bring a special skill for consensus building, intuitive thinking. And one other thing: women listen… and they listen to everyone. I’m not saying some men don’t, I’m just saying my experience is that we’re all better off if we all have a voice at the table, hearing each other.” – Nancy Pelosi

2. “Furthermore, we believe that health care reform, again I said at the beginning of my remarks, that we sent the three pillars that the President’s economic stabilization and job creation initiatives were education and innovation – innovation begins in the classroom – clean energy and climate, addressing the climate issues in an innovative way to keep us number one and competitive in the world with the new technology, and the third, first among equals I may say, is health care, health insurance reform.” – Nancy Pelosi

3. “The fact is that a lot of the spending increases came during the Bush administration. Two unpaid for wars we got ourselves engaged in. A prescription drug plan that added enormous amounts to our spending, and the tax cuts at the high end that did not create jobs and create revenue coming.” – Nancy Pelosi

4. “The impact of climate change is a tremendous risk to the security and well-being of our countries.” – Nancy Pelosi

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5. “To have diversity of opinion in the debate strengthens the outcome and you get a better result.” – Nancy Pelosi

6. “I do believe that if we reduce the role of money in politics and increase the level of civility in our political discussion, we will have more women in politics—younger people, more minorities, more people of color, but especially more women.” – Nancy Pelosi

7. “The only time I’m the only woman in the room is when I go to the leadership meeting.” – Nancy Pelosi

8. “I think that the optics of it are that those who were at the White House were the ones who brought the- the virus back to Capitol Hill.” – Nancy Pelosi

9. “There are the fundamental core values of the Democratic Party, which is to work to grow the economy, to create jobs, to encourage small business, to encourage ownership, to expand access to quality health care, to enhance opportunity by making higher education more affordable to American’s young people, to have our children live in safe neighborhoods, drug-free, crime-free, and a safe and clean environment, first and foremost to provide for the national defense, to protect and defend the American people, and to have accountability for our budget and for our spending.” – Nancy Pelosi

10. “But we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy.” – Nancy Pelosi

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