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Kameron Crawford, popularly known as “Kamie” is a television host, and beauty pageant winner of Miss Teen USA 2010. Crawford won a $100,000 scholarship, trips, clothes, and got to share a New York apartment with other pageant titleholders (Miss Universe and Miss USA) for a year, as part of the benefits for winning the award that year.

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Throughout 2019, Kamie served as part of a panel of rotating hosts for the part two season 7 of the television series catfish. Singer Ellie King, basketball player Nick Young, actress Kimiko Glenn and model Slick Woods were her colleagues  after Max Joseph departed from the series. She was made the permanent co-host of the MTV series in 2020.


The TV hostess first made headlines when she acquired the title of Miss Teen USA in 2010. She transformed her image to a well-known stunner vlogger, model, and media personality over the course of the years. She has never presented anything less than an authentic self to her fans.


Kamie Crawford is now an MTV regular thanks to her co-hosting gig on Catfish. However, as perceived by many, she deserves acknowledgment by a more massive crowd. Crawford has worked towards turning into a hotshot for quite a long time, carrying her special voice and viewpoint with her.

Qualities that make Kamie exceptional

Kamie has certain qualities that have given her an edge on the show. For the first instance, perhaps her ability to read the show properly has something to do with the fact that she took classes in communication and media studies. Her ability to read the show and Schulman’s crisp reasoning gives the show the characteristically refreshing fizzle everyone enjoys.

It has also been observed that in episodes including women tearing each other down, Kamie tries to keep the peace while educating her fellow women. This is one of the various important messages that she raises on the show.

How she was able to revive the show

Having a Black woman join the team was an plus for the show. Kamie shouts out, shares the Black insight, and gets down on injustices with ways to correct them. That can be so effective to see in a major organization network show.


The Tv hostess is exceptionally vocal about her views even outside the showroom. Irrespective of availability of people to tune in or get annoyed by her solid opinions, she ensures the right information is out there.

Kamie does not leave any questions unanswered. She is the boss Black female representation that Catfish: The TV Show required, and most can hardly wait to see what she does next.

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