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Mikaila Ulmer tells her story

Mikaila Ulmer, 15, is the CEO of her own lemonade business company Me and the Bees. At such a young age, Mikaila is used to being in the spotlight. The 15-year old has been named one of the most influential teens on Time Magazine, and also struck a deal with the hit show “Shark Tank”. It can be said that Mikaila is set for greatness.

Despite the overwhelming effects the pandemic has had on the economy, affecting people’s minds and productivity, Mikaila still comes out tops. The teenage entrepreneur has been able to rise up to the occasion once more, publishing a book titled Bee Fearless: Dream Like a Kid.

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Ulmer’s publishing crew is made up of a black photographer for the cover, a black copy editor, and obviously, a black author as well. The author stated that the book is particularly aimed at kids in middle school, although adults could also get some messages to work with. “Dream like a kid means you think of opportunities rather than obstacles” the young author commented.

Ulmer saw her lemonade stand as the opportunity to save the bees and make a difference in society.


“There are so many people who have my back and believe in my mission and it’s pretty motivating for me to keep going,” she said. Writing a book and managing a business as a teenager is very impressive, but trying to survive during a pandemic is an obstacle Ulmer did not foresee.

She stated that they had to adapt because a lot of the restaurants and cafes that were once selling her product were shut down due to the pandemic, so her business was frantically trying to find different points of distribution and ways to make it easier for customers to buy the product online and get it shipped to them without risking their lives.

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If there is one thing Ulmer has learned from this experience—it’s to be fearless and resilient.

Ulmer advised teenagers like her to keep pushing as there is no limit to becoming a changemaker. She further said there was no need to wait to become older before making a change when in fact it could be done at the moment.

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