Easy steps on how to make TikTok Sound your alarm on iPhone –

Savvy TikTokers have found a way to makes sounds on iPhone the alarm. You can now choose what sound you’d prefer to wake you up in the morning.

One of the most prominent things about TikTok is its sound which is essentially the audio used in videos. It has already been seen that sound could go viral for several reasons.

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Thanks to how important these sounds are to us, especially with little-known songs that become super popular because of the app, you might want to make one of them your alarm, and it is possible now.


It’s not the easiest process, but given how important music is to our daily life and activities it’s worth it. We’ve compiled this handy guide for you to make your mornings a little more fun to look forward to.

How to go about the process

The first thing to do if you want to make a TikTok sound your alarm is downloading the sound you want, but this can’t be done straight from the app.


So here are the steps you’d need to follow to have a straight-forward process:

  1. Head to ttdown to download the TikTok song you want
  2. Import the file you downloaded to your iTunes library, then to your iPhone’s saved music.
  3. Navigate to your clock app and search through the available songs.
  4. Underneath the ‘songs’ option, select the ‘Pick a Song’ option, and find the sound you saved.
  5. Select the song and that’s it.

Now you can wake up to your favorite sounds with ease! This opens up a whole new world of annoying sounds to be frustrated at in the morning if the classic Radar sound just isn’t doing it for you anymore.

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Whether it’s a song or something funny, loud, and annoying you need to get you up, this could be the best way to do it.

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