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Hudson Hale is a 17-year-old Portland high schooler at Oregon Episcopal. He began the Covid Candies business after surviving the virus which took over him earlier this year.

The teenager who is a budding entrepreneur narrates his ordeal with the virus. Hudson revealed how the virus changed his entire perspective about life and the need to help people.

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He wasn’t alone in the Hale household. His mother, who experienced similar symptoms, also fell ill with the virus, as did his little sister. His father, who was isolated from the family, was the only person not infected by the virus. 

About the Virus and How He Felt

Before the infection, Hudson was “really healthy.” However, when he contracted the virus in September, everything changed. “I lost my taste for about a week and a half,” the teenager said. “And I was super nauseous throughout, and I had kind of a mild headache, always kind of in the back of my head.” 

Hudson Hale at the Oregon Episcopal Fair

Going down with the virus gave Hudson new ideas. With all he experienced during the infection, the teenager knew he couldn’t sit idle after being fortunate enough to recover to full health.

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Hudson began brainstorming catchy branding ideas around Covid that didn’t seem insensitive or overwhelming. The young entrepreneur finally came up with the candy idea. Hudson explained how he came up with the idea. “I was sitting right here in my workspace,” he explained, surveying his constructively cluttered environs.

The urge to help people who were infected by the virus gave him some thoughts. The problem, he realized, was figuring out exactly how to contribute. “I didn’t have any money,” he added. Volunteering to print face shields with his 3-D printer for an organization wasn’t enough for the younger. He, therefore, came up with the candy idea which has inspired a lot of people so far.

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While Hudson’s product spells out “COVID” in caps, it’s Entrepreneurstyle to capitalize only the “C.” The young entrepreneur is optimistic that he will be able to help more people get better with support from others.

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