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It was a memorable day for the new TikTok user ‘ttv_btwdude’ as he made a very unique debut on the video-sharing app. The newbie uploaded his very first video and saw the apps icons rally around him in support.

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The youngster posted a video of himself with the following comment. “Hi guys, this is my first video,” the kid began. “No hate. Please like, follow, share, copy [the] link. I’m gonna do my first backflip on camera so I can become TikTok famous.”

True to his words, the kid performed his first backflip which didn’t go as planned. The new TikToker landed on his feet but lost his glasses. But that wouldn’t bother him now bother him as he got his wish.

A few moments after posting, stars on TikTok gave him a resounding welcome by sharing the video. As of the time of writing, his video has about 2.5 million likes, over 50,000 comments, and over 214,000 follows.

Some Stars Also CAme Out To Support The New Kid

Even the Pittsburgh Steelers chimed in with a supportive comment — something they’ve been doing quite a lot lately, after taking up another TikToker on her failed ‘shaved-head’ challenge. A-list celebrities have even gotten involved, with the likes of rapper Lil Uzi Vert leaving a comment on the wholesome video with, “Congrats.”

Needless to say, it’s heartwarming to see TikTokers rallying around one of their own, as the platform has been known in the past for its vicious userbase and rampant bullying, with Taio Cruz deleting his account after being harassed on the app.

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The kid has since come out to thank his new-found community with three other videos, including one of himself doing a front flip.

@ttv_btwdude ♬ original sound – user6433794036771

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