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Supporters have come out in recent days to commend Twitch personalities for their supportive nature. The Twitch community has grown over the years, firmly rooting its place in the streaming world. For some, the platform is more than just a streaming avenue – to others, maybe not.

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With Among Us making its way back to the gaming society this year, creators that had never been seen in the same stream before were suddenly joining forces. The relationship between popular streamers seemed better than ever.

Former Pro Over watch Player xQc

This like-mindedness could be linked to the devastating effect the Coronavirus virus has had on our society. Many people have taken to social media as a means to curb depression and other related issues. Be it as it may, popular streamer xQc has had his say on the real and apparent relationships of Twitch stars.

xQc On Twitch Star’s Relationships

xQc has come out with an unpopular opinion, stating clearly that all may not be as it seems. Also known as Felix Lengyel, xQc has debunked the facade that all Twitch stars support each other. The twitch streamer views the notion as a fallacy and has finally spoken up.

“Let’s be honest one last time before you leave and never come back here,” he began. “This weird illusion on Twitter and publicly that all streamers all love each other. ‘Oh my god, you did so good there. Keep it up’ ⁠— this whole facade everyone has these days…f*k off with that sht.”

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The embittered Twicher seemed to be advising fans to get rid of the illusion that all is well behind closed doors. He further likened the behavior of some of his colleagues to “window-dressing”, stating categorically that they were only trying to be in the fan’s good books. The Twitch Maestro however failed to mention names.

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