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The sister squad is an unofficial group comprising the Dolan Twins, Emma Chamberlain, and James Charles. This group of four Youtubers made some pretty good memories together until sometime last year when their woes began. The group suddenly went off-grid until the scandal with Charles in May 2019 which acted as a buffer to blow everything out of proportion.

The Sister Squad

While many fans speculated that some drama had gone down in the form of a possible romance between Chamberlain and one of the twins, the group’s breakup has remained a mystery for quite some time.

On Dec 11 2020, Charles cleared the air on the issue via a YouTube video. In the video, the YouTube star explained as to why the sister squad split.

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“The Squad was one of them. We were all just at very different points in our careers and lives, and we needed to go in different directions. I promise that, that was the best decision for everybody involved, including you guys,” James said.

He also stated that the squad may never be able to overcome the rift between them to produce a comeback. “As for the Sister Squad as a whole, it will not be coming back anytime soon,” he continued. “But that’s probably for the better, and I’m going to leave the conversation at that.”

Those were his parting words as he failed to elaborate more on what caused a silent yet horrid breakup. The squad has, like othsr squads, joined other squads before them in disbanding.

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