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Matthew Rinaudo is a popular gamer and live streamer on Twitch who is known by the username Mizkif. He has accrued more than 800,000 followers to his Twitch account. Mizkif suffers from a heart condition called viral myocarditis.


In July of 2019, he revealed that he checked into a mental hospital following a high heart rate and a panic attack.

His $125k Win

Pokemon cards were a cheap and enjoyable way for kids to have some fun in those days. It is no longer news of how valuable they are at the moment. Pokemon cards have become a valuable collector’s item, more so as their sales and prices have reached new heights in 2020.

Twitchers can give anything for them, opening expensive booster packs worth tens of thousands of dollars in the hopes to find valuable cards. Fans often tune in to enjoy the emotional roller-coaster ride. 

YouTuber Buys Car Worth $200k With Pokemon Card Money

Mizkif is a great lover of Pokemon cards too. He has been loving it more than anyone, and he’s had a lot of luck too. He’s been pulling valuable cards frequently. In his latest stream, he pulled out, even more, this time hitting it where it matters.

This time, he managed to pull the holy grail first edition holographic version of Lugia. He also managed to pull a Tyhplosion #17 card, which is very rare. It’s sold for as much as $25,000, but it’s so hard to find, the actual market price is difficult to say.

Mizkif has pulled an impressive haul so far, and the good fortune keeps on coming. This new trend of Pokemon card lovers is enjoying themselves. It seems it’s a trend that has come to stay.  

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