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Born on 18th September 2000, Alex Warren is an American YouTuber. He is popularly known for his comedic video content where he posts vlogs as well as stunt and skateboarding videos. He is also popular on TikTok and Instagram and he is known for using the hashtag #WarHeads in his posts.


The youngster grew up skateboarding, hence his love for the sport. He, therefore, started sharing his videos on YouTube in May 2015. Alex is one of the founding members of the Hype house, a collaborative group on TikTok, and also a house where most social media influencers live in Los Angeles.

He has picked up some importance on his journey to social media fame. The young American is as popular as any other celebrity on TikTok and is also listed along with people born on 18-September-00.

Alex Warren Is Not David Dobrik. Heres Why:

The young influencer is on Instagram under the alias @alexwaarren where he boasts a followership of 2.2 million followers. He is also on TikTok as @alexwaareen where he has garnered over 18.8 million followers. The young lad is doing quite well for himself on these platforms where he posts his videos.

Net Worth

Alex became quite popular at a young age, earning himself some fame and a good name. Similarly, along with his name and fame, there is some wealth involved as well. As of early 2020, his net worth was estimated at $2 million.

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lWho Is Alex Warren?

The star also owns his brand which could be bought at fanjoy.com, teespring.com, and redbubble.com. Another notable addition to his net worth is from the multiple endorsement deals he closed with brands like BANG ENERGY.

His Relationship Life

Alex is in a romantic relationship with Kouvr Anon, a fellow TikTok star, and social media personality. Alex and his girlfriend have been around since 2018. Their relationship has been something of joy for the fans who hope to see them together for a long time.

kouvr-annon-and-alex-warren-5389004 Alex and Kouvr

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