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The fight between Logan and Mayweather is no longer news in the boxing world. The fight which is set to take place by February next year has generated some heat.

“Logan Vs Mayweather: Who Will Win The Fight?”

Logan Paul has come out to reveal how he was able to trick Mayweather into agreeing to a fight with him. The process may not be pretty, but it got him his wish.

The Buildup To Floyd Vs Logan

It’s been known for a while that Logan has always had his eye out for Floyd. Haven tried on several occasions without success, the upcoming boxer had to implore trickery.

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In a video released by Logan, we can see the boxer talking thrash about Mayweather on Facetime. The video itself told fans all about how Paul had tried to secure a fight with the 50-0 boxer, and even went to the extent of joining an online fan meet-and-greet to talk a little trash.

“You down to fight me?” Logan Paul asked. “If you’re a real fighter, yeah,” Mayweather replied. “The thing is, you know who I am, but I don’t know who you are.” “What I want to do is create the biggest f**king fight the world has ever seen,” Paul continued — to which Floyd responded, “Without you I can do that.” “You already know, this ain’t what you do,” Mayweather continued. “You play boxing, but I fight for real. You know that.” Those were the heated words the duo exchanged in an undying beef.

That must’ve been the limit for Mayweather who came forward soon after to announce a fight between the duo. We all look forward to a fight between the two boxers. One, a man who has never lost in the ring before, boasting a 50-0 record. The other an upcoming fighter who claims consistently he can take him out.

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How Logan Paul Made In-Between $30 and $40 Million In One Year

Who will win? We’ll have to find out next year. But for now, who do you side with? Do you believe Logan has a chance against Mayweather? Will Logan be the man to do the job 50 fights have failed to do. It’s not going to be rosy but let’s find out what happens next.

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