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With the year almost filled with uncertainty and chaos, one thing was certain; gamers would have something to smile about. Was it not meant to be? Maybe, maybe not.

The game which experienced a delay in the release date finally dropped. To the dismay of players, some glitches were noticed. First, it was the soundtrack that seemed to violate the DMCA policy, then came other things, and others.

Cyberpunk 2077

It was not long before gamers took to social media to voice their frustration over the numerous issues the seemingly new game experienced. The company was on its wheels, telling consumers to mute their sounds to avoid sanctions.

rCyberpunk 2077 Asks Players To Mute Music Over DMCA Breach

Only time revealed a few more developer issues which have led to a very big gaming scandal. Sony has reportedly pulled the game off PlayStation, while its colleague Xbox has followed in the same vein, going further to refund money to its customers.

Was Cyberpunk 2077 Overhyped?

While it could be said that no game is without flaws, Cyberpunk missed the mark. So much so that Sony and Xbox have unanimously decided to pull the plug.

After postponing the release date earlier this year, it was expected that all bugs would’ve been fixed. Much to the dismay of gamers, this was not the issue.

To have unveiled the title in 2012 and release a mouthwatering trailer in 2013 was a sign that the company was ready. But what has it been doing for over 7 years?

Year on year they released content to their ever waiting fans to arouse their hunger. It is indeed a pity that after all the hunger created in gamers, the game couldn’t quench the thirst.

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To make the hype even more expensive, CD Project brought in Keanu Reeves to play a role in the build-up. Devastatingly, even he couldn’t stop the mayhem from happening.

Keanu Reeves in Cyberpunk 2077

Just like every overhyped piece of media before it, Cyberpunk is yet another example of how little online hype means to the end product. It still has the potential to be very good, but even if its technical issues are fixed, it still won’t be the game that many were expecting.

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The company has since announced a new update to get over its funk. But, would the update clear the backlog to mishaps experienced by fans? We’d have to wait a little bit more to find out.

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