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Popular video streaming platform Twitch has continued to come under criticism for its latest policy update. In fact, users have continued to rebel the new policy and all it stands for.

It’s even been shown that the use of the banned words doubled just after the announcement was made. This trend has sparked speculations that the platform might witness a boycott in the nearest future if the issue is not properly addressed.

Twitch Releases New Policy Updates: Bans “Simp” And “Virgin” Usage

Kiaraakitty is one of those that have openly criticized the platform for it’s new policy.

Kiaraakitty Speaks On The Banned Words

Twitch star Kiaraakitty after serving her ban in 2018 has found herself criticizing the app. The star who needs $2000 to return to Singapore hosted a stream to explain the situation. The star needs the money due to the mandatory two-week hotel stay imposed on all incoming flights

On the stream, she found herself at a loss of words during her stream session. She could not help using the seemingly abusive words to explain her situation. .

Twitch Clears The Air After User Outrage Over New Policy Update

“That’s why today I’m doing a bikini stream, to try to farm for… yeah we cannot say that anymore, the c-word, the s-word. So try to farm for…”

After a period of trying to think of any other word she could use instead, she eventually settled by saying “trying to farm for… h*rny motherf***ers. Oh no, we cannot say that too. I don’t know what to say okay, just try to farm.” She later went on to live up to her promise of a bikini stream, and by the end of her stream had raised around $700 towards the hotel costs.

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The star is just one among the numerous users of the platform who have come forward to openly criticize the updated harassment policy.

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