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The D’Amelio family is not one to forget in a hurry. The D’Amelio sisters for one have been racking the headlines for some time now.

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The family is made up of the D’Amelio sisters, Dixie and Charlie, and of course their parents. Charli is the younger of them, but by far the number one creator on TikTok, boasting a followership of over 100 million subscribers.

Dixie is no rookie either. She has made a name for herself on the video-sharing app as well. Both sisters have become popular, and yes, their popularity has earned them a place on Hulu, one of America’s biggest video-on-demand platforms.

About The Deal

Hulu took to Twitter today, 18th December to welcome the D’Amelios into its fold. The platform revealed the name of the show as ‘The D’Amelio Show’. It also revealed that the show will officially be on air by next year.

Hulu also revealed that the show will be an eight-part series that follows the life of the internet superstars throughout their daily lives. The show will most especially focus on their adjustment to their sudden rise to stardom. The show which will commence next year can only be viewed from Hulu.

“We are excited to be joining the Hulu family with a unique behind the scenes look into our life,” Marc D’Amelio said of the series. “…Many people create impressions of us based off of short content, a few minutes or even seconds. But now, we’re looking forward to sharing a side that you likely don’t get to see on our social channels.”

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The D’Amelio family joins celebrity group The Hype House in getting their own show. This new trend could see many more TikTok stars bag similar deals.

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Say what you want but 2020 has been crazy yet interesting. For the D’Amelios it’s about to get more interesting. It’s afterall a wonderful 2021 to look forward to.

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