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TikTok star Sabrina has taken some backlash over her involvement with a fellow colleague. Since the “Next Influencer” show hosted by Awesomeness Tv revealed her kissing Julian Jara, things have not gone too well with the star.

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Although the star and Noreiga have come out to criticize such rumors, fans won’t just take their explanation.

Who Is Sabrina Quesada From TikTok?

Things are in fact so bad that Sabrina’s friend and TikToker Arguelles has announced she’s ending her friendship with Sabrina. Arguelles stated that she found out the star had a romantic history with her boyfriend, Ignacio Cubeddu.

What happened With Sabrina

In a video broadcast on her Instagram Live, Arguelles elaborated on why she had decided to cut ties with Quesada: “She didn’t even tell me herself,” Valeria explained. “I had to find out from people on the show [Next Influencer] — people on the show knew first.”

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Ignacio came out to put and end to the rumors. The star contacted TikTokRoom where he explained his side of the story. He was found saying “What happened between me and Sabrina was months and months before me and Valeria met […] Should I have told Valeria? Possibly, I understand her point.”

Soon after Arguelles responded to her ex-boyfriend’s statement. She said  “You didn’t tell me that you f****d my best friend, but I’m playing the victim, right?”.

Sabrina also had a few words of her own. She stated that she’d never had an affair with anyone who was in a relationship. She revealed that her affair with Ignacio happened when he was a Sophomore in high school.

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Sabrina has had a lot to deal with in recent times. The star looks to be caught in the crossfire between Arguelles and her ex. It’s not looking good for her right now but she does hope for better days.

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