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Social media sensation David Dobrik is overwhelmed by the number of people interested in his contest.

david-dobrik-5398259 David Dobrik

The star’s fans were especially thrilled when he announced his new product on December 10th. His product is a puzzle that players can work on to complete QR codes. When completed, the codes will then be scanned to reveal the monetary prizes won.

David Dobrik Gets $4 Million In Funding

While prizes can range up to $100,000, naturally most of the winnings will be on the lower end of the spectrum, with the very bottom prize a measly $0.25.

How much Is The Puzzle?

Dobrik’s puzzle is going for $30 each. With the price set at that amount and the least amount to be won just $0.29, contestants will be praying on their lucky stars to get a big win.


Critics have however called out Dobrik as promoting gambling among his young audience. The star is yet to respond to the criticisms though.

More Details On David Dobrik’s New Mega Mansion

How Many Puzzles Has The Star Sold?

The star has sold well over 48,000 puzzles already. However, only about a thousand people will be going home with $100k from the game.


Dobrik revealed that there’s over $250,000 worth of prizes, which may well be tempting for some who want to see if they can win big, or perhaps just for those who want to solve a tough-looking puzzle.

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