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The Hype House is the name of a group of TikTok personalities based in LA, California. It also refers to the name of the Spanish-style mansion where some of the creators formerly lived.

The Hype House is described as a collaborative house or a content house. Collaborative houses are a phenomenon in the social media world, allowing influencers and content creators to make videos together easily. The house can be compared with the Vlog Squad and Team 10, similar collectives of YouTubers led by David Dobrik and Jake Paul respectively.

Some Members Of The Hype House

Over the past year, the Hype House has become increasingly popular, housing creators such as Chase Hudson and Kouvr Annon.

History Of The HypeHouse

The house was collectively formed in December 2019 and includes around twenty rising or established Gen Z influencers from TikTok. Most of its funding came from Daisy Keech, Chase Hudson, Thomas Petrou, Alex Warren, and Kouvr Annon.

The most notable TikTok personalities from the house include Chase Hudson and Kouvr Annon. Some former popular members include the D’Amelio sisters and Addison Rae. During its peak in membership, it had twenty-one members.


Founding member, Daisy Keech, was the first to leave the house in March 2020, citing internal disputes with other members. In May 2020, D’Amelios’ representative confirmed the sisters also left the collective when “the Hype House started to become more of a business.” Bryce Hall revealed in a live stream that Addison Rae no longer associates with the house. Larray, who was already an established YouTuber and TikTok personality, joined in January 2020.

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The Hype House Celebrates Its Anniversay In Grand Style

For their first anniversary, Thomas Petrou has revealed that the Hype House has decided to celebrate by moving into a new, sprawling mansion. Petrou made this known on Instagram where he gave his followers a sneak peek of their newly acquired property.

BREAKING NEWS THAT WILL MOST DEFINITELY CHANGE YOUR LIFE: Hype House moves in to new house. Thomas Petrou says in video that he bought the house with Alex Warren and Kouvr. This 1 year after the Hype House launched. pic.twitter.com/IhEDNkvP7i

— Def Noodles (@defnoodles) December 19, 2020

In his story, Petrou and Alex Warren appeared to be checking out the place. Thomas proudly pointed at the mansion, announcing that he bought it along with Warren and Kouvr Annon. It seems that the trio will be living in the house full-time, but only time will tell if the rest of the members shall also make the move.

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The House’s relocation earlier mentioned this week after honorary member and official photographer Bryant posted a photo on his story with the caption: “Time to pack, new Hype House soon.”

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While the house is not the same as the one seen in stories earlier, it suggests that the move has long been on the agenda. The new house has become a necessity as Petrou revealed the house receives over a hundred visitors daily. This new house may finally accord the stars the privacy they so yearn.

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