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Jake Paul has continued to insist he can take on Conor MacGregor. The YouTube sensation is on a winning streak and looks to add Mcgregor to his list of victories.

Jake Paul and Connor McGregor

After knocking out Nate Robinson last month, the star man’s confidence has become increasingly buoyant. Jake star has called out Dillon Danis and other boxers who he believes are worthy opponents.

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Jake has come out once more to render his opinion on why he can beat MMA pro. The star man believes his physique is his surest stronghold should the fight occur.

The social media influence could possibly be using the same method used by his older brother Logan used to land a fight with Floyd Mayweather. Logan came some time ago to reveal how he taunted Mayweather into accepting a fight.

Can Jake Paul Out-Box Connor MacGregor?

In an interview with Kyle Forgeard of the Nelk boys, Jake made his opinion known on his fight with Connor, should it ever happen. “Are you just trolling, or do you actually think you can beat Conor McGregor in a boxing match?” Kyle asked. Jake was hesitant to respond, but he did.

“One hundred percent,” Jake Paul said. “Because he is not a boxer. So, when MMA fighters go to the gym every day, they have to work on elbows, grappling, leg kicks, knees. The list goes on. When I go to the gym every day, I’m boxing.”

He went further to add that Connor only concentrates on jiu-jitsu and other related MMA stuff, and so has nothing to offer in a boxing match. Jake also acknowledged the supremacy of Connor when it comes to Mixed Martial Arts. “MMA, he’s the GOAT. MMA, he would kill me in a minute,” he said.

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Another reason Jake believes he can take on Connor is because of their size difference. He stated that size is a comparative advantage in boxing and puts him ahead of the MMA man. “Put me in a boxing ring with him, and it’s going to be a good fight… I think I’ll come out on top,” he said. “He’s 5”9, and I’m 6”1. He’s 170 pounds, and I’m 210 pounds. There’s a size advantage that people aren’t factoring in there,” the star man said.

Jake Paul further explained the importance of the fight. In his view, he not only sees the fight as a sport but also a business. “That fight would sell 3 million pay-per-views,” the star man explained. While others would want to see Jake Paul go down for taunting Connor, others are keen to find out if he stands a chance at defeating the MMA champ.

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