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Chess is a game that has long existed. However, it wasn’t accorded much credence on Twitch before the Botez sisters brought it to limelight on the platform.

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Their immense hard work and contribution towards developing the game on Twitch were even recognized and given accolades. The duo joined the biggest esports organization as content creators. The duo was even nominated in the just concluded Dexerto Awards, although they didn’t win on that occasion.

Alexandra’s and Andrea’s Careers

Older sister Alexandra, 25, is already an established name within the chess community, boasting the Woman FIDE Master title and numerous championships dating back to her time with the National Canadian Team as a 15-year-old.

Andrea on the other hand is yet to bag any international chess recognition despite being a talented player herself. She has however been to national competitions and has made some prize money for herself as well. Together, the duo is a formidable force talented enough to help tutor celebrities like Hafthor “The Mountain” Bjornsson, but also humble enough to engage with their communities outside of the chessboard.

The Botez sisters have carved out a tremendous niche for themselves by working alongside Nakamura. They were found either competing, providing tutelage, or even performing simple tasks such as commenting on online chess scenes. Their channel has since exploded from about 73,000 followers in May to nearly 500,000 in December 2020.

The Botez sisters dissect chess matches and try out games like Griftlands. They also talk with (or roast) their peers and fans on Just Chatting. They help prove how much stronger a community can become when top players don’t take themselves too seriously.

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Early this month, the Botez sisters were finalists for Breakthrough Streamer of the Year in the Dexerto Awards. They happened to be alongside Ludwig, Sykkuno, and Corpse Husband. Although Ludwig took home the crown, it was symbolic of how far they’d come in 2020.

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The Botez sisters officially signed on one of esports’ biggest organizations, Envy, as content creators, firmly asserting themselves as major players in the streaming world and ones to keep an eye on.

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