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It’s that time of the season again where giving and receiving is encouraged. When it comes to Christmas, everyone knows about Pokimane and her fans. The star social media star is usually the one receiving loads of gifts from her fans.

The gifts are always so much that she even hosts an unboxing stream to open her never-ending well of gifts from friends and well-wishers. This year though, the star has taken a new approach to the matter.

Instead of her traditional style of waiting for gifts to be gifted to her, the star decided to show some love to her community this time around.

Pokimane’s Plans For The Christmas Celebrations

Pokimane has come out to explain why she’s decided to spread some cheer among her fans. The social media influencer could be likened to Santa at the moment. She is currently gifting her fans items from their Amazon wish list.

“I know the holidays can be harder this year for people,” she wrote on Twitter on December 22. “Tryna spread a Lil Christmas cheer by giving out presents in the comments! Link me your Amazon wishlists below!” Pokimane said.

i know the holidays can be harder this year for people. tryna spread a lil christmas cheer by giving out presents in the comments!

link me your amazon wishlists below. ❤️🥰

— pokimane (@pokimanelol) December 22, 2020

Soon after her timeline was invaded by fans eager to benefit from her benevolence. Her tweet has so far seen 28,900 comments and nearly 4,000 retweets.

The star has admitted that giving gifts makes her feel like Oprah. Others have likened her to Santa and are full of praise for her.

so happy to be giving ppl stuff they need on main T~T take all my money, u kind souls..

— imane (@imane) December 22, 2020

Pokimane’s gift-giving is for everyone. If you’d like to participate in the process, head over to her timeline, and post your request. Certainly, she may not be able to grant all wishes but it doesn’t hurt to try yeah?

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Be mindful though, the star is not taking absurd requests. Some fans took to her timeline to ask for dildos, perhaps teasing her for her red-faced moment last Christmas. Pokimane was shocked by her fan’s last holidays in her unboxing stream when she unwrapped a dildo which was supposedly a gift from her fan.

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