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Popular Minecraft YouTuber Dream is well-known for keeping his identity private. The YouTube star prefers to be referred to as “Dream”.

Dream is a name that is very popular with Minecraft players in the world today. The star has a massive fan following to back up his popularity claims. He ranks as one of the top Minecraft players globally for both his prowess in speedrunning and PvP.

Who Is Dream?

Unlike many other YouTubers and content creators, Dream has been very secretive when it comes to sharing information regarding his identity. The star has never revealed his face on social media in a YouTube video or on a Twitch stream. This has sparked speculation as to his identity.

More recently, however, colleague Karl Jacobs revealed Dream’s first name in a tweet. The tweet which showed Dream’s contact name as ‘Clay Dream’ fueled speculation that his name might be Clay.


— karl 🙂 (@KarlJacobs_) November 14, 2020

While no one has ever seen his face on social media, Jacobs uploaded a teaser of the star in which he blurred certain features of the image to distort its identity.

This discovery has led “Clay Dream” to start booming and trending on Twitter, as fans have been delighted by this discovery. After a few other FaceTime calls, Karl Jacob also showed the names of Dream’s close friends from Minecraft.

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Their contacts also shared a similar naming cadence, giving some more legitimacy that Dream’s real name may very well be Clay.

Dream’s Career

Clay Dream started his channel back in 2016 but stopped uploading videos after some time. He again decided to start making videos in January 2019 and begun uploading from July 2019. Unlike many other YouTubers, Dream’s channel grew very fast and his videos went viral at the initial stage only. His first viral video was a video about pewdiepie’s Minecraft world seed. 

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Dream hit a million subscribers just after a few months of uploading videos. He gained more than 10 million subscribers in less than one year making him one of the fastest-growing YouTubers on the platform. 

His Net Worth

The star’s net worth is estimated at approximately $1 million. His main sources of income are Adsense, selling merch, sponsorships, etc. His age is 21 as of 2020. His height, weight, and details about his physical appearance are not known as he has kept all personal information private. 

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