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Mr. Beast, one of the internet’s most popular personalities has done it yet again with his contest. The star is known for his expensive projects and hugely impressive giveaways.

Mr. Beast has gone above and beyond for his 48 million subscribers. Just a week ago the star man launched his restaurant chain where he gave away lots of gifts including a car. Before that, it was promoting PewDiePie’s super bowling project. He’s doing it again by bringing back one of his most beloved challenges.

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With so much compassion for his fellow man, little wonder he is the second most-paid YouTuber in the just updated Most-Paid YouTubers Awards. Mr. Beast is all about philanthropy and the greater good of society. With Christmas already on the cards, the star man looks to once again put smiles on the faces of his beloved fans.

What Is The “Finger On The App” Challenge All About?

The challenge was first created by Mr. Beast earlier this year. The star designed an application that challenges users to keep fingers on their phones for as long as possible. The contestant who could last longer than other competitors is declared the winner. On its debut, the winner went home with $25,000 from Mr. Beast. This time, however, the amount has been tripled to $100k.

How To Participate In The Challenge

$100k is tempting for everyone. You must already be planning on how to spend the money right now. Hold your horses though, as you’ll have to compete and win the prize money first. Now, how do you sign up for this big money contest?

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If you are in Canada, USA and Mexico then you’re in luck. Mr. Beast’s ‘Finger on the App II’ application is reportedly now available for download on iOS and Android devices in Canada, the United States, and Mexico. The challenge does not however begin until next week, Tuesday, December 29, 2020. This should afford you enough time to prepare your fingers for the task ahead. Tuesday seems far off yeah? You may want to start practicing how to win the contest while waiting.

In a similar fashion to Mr. Beast’s first ‘Finger on the App’ challenge, this program tasks players with continuously moving their finger on a grid to avoid any potential cheating.

This upgraded version comes with a ‘battle mode’, which pits players against each other to avoid any obstacles that pop up in the grid. While this mode only lasts before the actual competition, it does allow participants to rack up lives ahead of time, if they perform well.

How To Get The App

As earlier stated, the competition is for participants residing in Mexico, the United States, and Canada. If you’re in any of these locations then you’re in luck. Just head over to your Android and iOS app stores to download the app. You can use this period to familiarize yourself with the in-app interface while you wait on the contest which begins next Tuesday at 4 PM PST/ 7 PM EST. Best of luck as you try this one out.

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