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After knocking Nate Robinson cold, Jake Paul made some big moves by calling out top stars to face him in the ring. The star called out Connor McGregor as well as other stars, including Dillon Danis.

In an interview with MMA’s Junkie on December 9, Bellator MMA boss Scott Coker revealed that there had been talks between the two teams for a year. He added that possibility has a lot to do “with what Dillon wants to do,” saying that the star is “all for it.”

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Dillon Danis on his part has also revealed that he’s got beef with both of the Paul brothers. The star exposed a series of DMs exchanged between Logan Paul on December 23. When Dillon asked Logan why he banned him from his fight, Logan responded “I know you’re a clout-chasing lil b**ch who can’t keep my name out your mouth.”

Maybe in a related or unrelated scenario, Jake Paul has also come out to release some DMs of his own. His posts reveal some severe roasts and heightened beef between the two.

Jake Paul Reveals Chat with Dillon Danis

Jake Paul has refused to communicate with anyone to set up the fight between himself and Danis after a potential misunderstanding between their managers. “I’m cutting out the middle-man because this fight is between me and you. Everyone else can f**k off”, the star man said. The offer read “Basically we’re offering you $500,000 to fight at the end of March. Details can be discussed.”

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The star further stated that there was a potential to negotiate even up to a million dollars. Jake is so serious about the fight that he has offered to pay some money from his purse just to ensure the fight is pinned down.

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The paragraph also reveals that Jake Paul made offers to Ben Askren and Michael Bisping. Askren has since accepted the offer and the duo are set to face off in March next year. However, the MMA pro has stated that he is only interested in fighting Dillon as he tags it “the biggest fight [Dillon]
will likely ever see”.

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Jake made the offer to Dillon on 20th December with a 72-hour response ultimatum which has since expired. Dillon on his part has not responded, thereby leaving Jake’s offer in the wind.

The silence from Dillon and the back and forth between the duo suggests the fight is nowhere near feasible. If the fight were to occur, it’d be an entertaining one, that too, a fight to anticipate. We shall however keep our fingers crossed as we see how this story unfolds.

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